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Ian Marcus

Ian Marcus LTCL has been providing high quality flute teaching for the past twenty years. Based in London he has performed and taught music in the classical and Jazz idiom as well as many other musical styles.

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About my teaching

In recent times I have successfully expanded my online Flute practice and teach adults, some of whom are coming to the flute for the first time.

I am a warm, friendly and flexible teacher with a wealth of teaching and performing experience. I can identify what your needs are as a beginner or advanced student as well as steer you towards grades (ABRSM or Trinity) or playing just for pleasure. 
I know that for adults it can often be a great leap of faith to take up a musical instrument, as if there's an age limit.  Often the regret of not continuing or taking up an instrument in childhood can be an on going source of frustration.The support I give will enable you to learn repertoire as well as the skills to improvise or compose if you wish.
I hope you contact me and begin a wonderful journey of Flute playing. 


More about Ian Marcus


My approach to teaching

I offer a highly personalised and individual approach to teaching.  We all have different personalities, learning styles and experiences; those are the qualities I like to enhance as a teacher for adults from entry level to advanced.
My teaching is informed by my wealth of experience as a performer: I cover repertoire and encourage improvisation and composition.

My experience as a performer

I have been performing since the age of fourteen.  I have worked in chamber music and jazz, as well as many other styles including pop, latin and soul.  I have performed in concert halls, jazz clubs and festivals.  I have also done a great deal of recording and broadcasting in TV and radio.  My touring work has taken me to Europe and the Middle East.  I have also had recognition in America and music journals around the world.  Although the flute is my primary instrument, I also perform on the saxophone and double bass.

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My training

I studied flute at the Purcell School of Music in London, then with Gareth Morris (Head of Flute at the Royal Academy of Music in London).
The remainder of my training has been through active engagement with performers from a range of disciplines, which I consider to be a life-long process.